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This research is in the general area of Combinatorics. One of the goals of Combinatorics is to find efficient methods of studying how discrete collections of objects can be arranged.

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  • The behavior of discrete systems is extremely important to modern communications. For example, the design of large networks, such as those occurring in telephone systems, and the design of algorithms in computer science deal with discrete sets of objects, and this makes use of combinatorial research.

    Asymptotic Enumeration Methods (1995)

    The specific problems in this project are instances of the dimer model of statistical physics. A basic illustration of this is the real-world process relevant to the study of of lubricants of adsorption of a liquid, consisting of two-atom moleculesthe dimers in the modelalong the surface of a crystal, whose fixed atoms form a lattice pattern, with any two neighboring positions capable of holding one molecule, and any given crystal atom being involved in the adsorption of at most one molecule.

    The main issue in this setting is the asymptotic behavior of the quantities that are studied speciffically, the number of different ways the surface of the crystal can be covered by molecules. In some of the instances we encounter, the usually more difficult problem of determining quantities exactly turns out to allow progress in the asymptotic study.

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    Title Asymptotic enumeration via singularity analysis. Author Info Lladser, Manuel Eugenio. Social Media.

    Abrahamsen , Eilers : On the Asymptotic Enumeration of LEGO Structures

    View Available File s. Our approach is geometrical. To a big extent it generalizes and completes the asymptotic description of the coefficients f r,s along a compact set of directions specified by smooth points of the singular variety of the denominator of F z,w.

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    • The scheme we develop can lead to a high level of complexity. Show Summary Details. More options ….

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