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And, he responded super-positively. He liked the script and he liked the direction I took it in. It was quite different than the novel, and he was very generous, as far as allowing me some creative breaths to expand and change some of the themes.

Meeting Evil

It was awesome. They always hate it! Was it important to you that the hero had anti-hero elements and the villain had heroic moments, to have the story live in that grey area? I wanted to keep that down-and-out, loser point of view, and I had to fight really hard for that.

Meeting Evil: A Novel Audiobook by Thomas Berger

He makes compromises, all day long. He has no integrity. He has no backbone. He cheats on his wife. The audience is going to be so drawn to this guy, just as I was, when I was a reader of the novel. We were able to keep this anti-hero point of view, and we never, ever let John become anything remotely heroic in the movie, which has frustrated a lot of audience members.

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And, our villain was absolutely this charismatic superhero. He appears to be evil, and to John he is, indeed, evil. In a very real sense, John conjured this being. Richie and John are very symbiotic. What was it that led you to Luke Wilson for the role of John? I knew that, to create a character who was going to be making the sort of mistakes that John was making, people had to like him.

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Speaking to Luke as a human, as much as an actor, he had to have an innate likability. So, Luke was always in my mind, for that reason.

Meeting Evil

Sam was cast before Luke. When we got a shortlist from the financier, of people that they thought would get the movie made, he was, by chance, on that list. I felt really lucky to have him. The only thing I would have thought would have been more interesting would be to have the roles switched.

I would have been interested in seeing Sam playing the sad sack and Luke playing the maniac. If I had pulled that off, then that would have been brilliant. But, as is, the attributes of the actors really played well into the characters, as written in the novel. What was it like to work so closely with Samuel L. Was he intimidating, at all? He showed up for the read-through and he was off-book. Good and evil collide in the story of John Felton, an ordinary real-estate salesman who comes to the aid of a stranger with a stalled vehicle, and who finds himself involved in a crime spree of kidnapping, arson, and murder.

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Meeting Evil Themes

No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. December 9, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. My students from China taught me this Chinese proverb or idiom: "Wu ji bi fan": "Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

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One of Berger's more tautly written novels, this is fast-paced and shows a man whose adherence to convention, without moral conviction, makes him vulnerable to his evil impulses. Berger explores the very same theme in his famous Neighbors and his less famous The Houseguest. All 3 novels are highly recommended. January 3, - Published on Amazon.

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  • Berger is one of my favorite authors and I was happy to discover that I had not read this one. Loved it. Sadly Thomas Berger has died but his stories live on! September 19, - Published on Amazon. Berger is one of our great writers who has never quite received the recognition he deserves. Perhaps that's for the best because he has consistently turned out perceptive, hilarious examinations of modern life while maintaining his integrity.